If you don’t have enough oil to completely submerge the rice balls, then form them into rice discs. Fry them in at least a half an inch of oil.
Use the Nasturtium Rice recipe from Cook Chop Chop Microgreens.
If crispy chewy warm balls of nasturtium rice are not your thing, no need to follow the directions listed.
Dip your hands in rice vinegar to form the rice balls when the rice is warm. Serve them just after they cool to room temp. No glutinous rice flour required.
Add a dusting of glutinous rice flour to the bowl of rice and mix gently spend no more than 30 seconds to mix.
Prepare to repeat this step a few times.
Wash and oil hands, gently form rice balls.
Heat oil.
Fry the rice balls in hot oil, turning to evenly cook.
If you are cooking flattened balls, wait until the submerged sides are just about brown.
Get Rice to light golden.
Then remove rice balls from oil. Set on paper plate or grate to drain.
Garnish with sea salt, nori or honey soy lemon glaze.