Ducks on Fire collaborates with culinary professionals to create convivial, informative cookbooks. We take our name from “an incident” one Chinese New Year when two very explosive ducks caused some property damage, canine emotional trauma and the (near) complete evacuation of a large Seattle apartment building.

The person who caused that incident really could have used a succinct but engaging cookbook published by Ducks on Fire.

We’re excited to have launched our eBook series,  Cook Chop Chop a book series for dedicated cooks short on time. Readers can get to their goal of cooking great food without wading through cookbook fluff. Cook Chop Chop Microgreens, starts off the series with 18 recipes that evolve microgreens from tiny salad or garnish to a bonafide necessity. Find yourself with tiny live plants, you should pick it up. It’s totally spell-checked and only $2.99 and available on Amazon and iTunes.